Documentaries by Deux Productions


  1. From Despair to Hope

    A documentary film made for (ISWAI) Alcohol Producers Association on how two villages that were coping with alcoholism turned themselves around, using a combination of training, counselling, and a helping hand. The film was shown at WHO-Global Coordination Convention in Geneva, April 2019

  2. Diageo India: SHE Film

    CSR initiative of the company in Madhya Pradesh & Rajasthan for empowering women, making clean drinking water available & addressing sanitation issues in a sustainable manner.

    The Duo were also at the forefront of the 9-part factual series in Marathi Toofan Alaya 2018 & 2019, on the Satyamev Jayate Water competition. This is a part of the Paani Foundation movement on watershed management, initiated by Aamir Khan to address the problem of drought in Maharashtra. Over 4000 villages are participating in the competition this year and to film this we have 8 filming teams working in different parts of Maharashtra covering 75 talukas.

  3. Documentaries on the Domesticated Elephants of Kerala and Kettuvalam.

  4. Einstein and Theory of Relativity

    An interesting blend of video and the sky theatre to create a 60 minute show for the Nehru Planetarium dome.

  5. To Save A Million

    A film on the measures taken to counter natural disasters in SouthEast Asia commissioned by Seeds India. Showcased at the United Nations International Conference on Disaster Management in Geneva in 2009.