Productions & Co-productions

[Productions & Co-productions]

Colors Marathi Awards 2021”

Produced “Colors Marathi Awards 2021”.One of the most prestigious marathi television award shows A glamorous vibrant night honouring exceptional artists and some spectacular performances by famous Marathi celebrities. Hosted by Sumeet Raghavan.


Yokohama Tyres Quality Film

Produced” Yokohama Tyres Quality Film”. A film about giving “quality” an emotional connect. Making employees of Yokohama take pride in having the qualities of a good son, a good husband, a good father and a good employee. To never compromise and always choose quality in life and at work.


Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Post Produced “Introduction film-Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology”. The film about the the premier graduate education and research institution fostering innovation and nurturing the scientific temper of minds from Ishikawa, Japan, and the world over.


Post Produced a series of 10 films for Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology each one focusing on a particular research area.


Maanacha Mujra Amrutyog

Co produced an Event “Maanacha Mujra Amrutyog”, celebrating 100 years of 3 of the doyens of Marathi Music and Literature, Sudhir Phadke, Pu La Deshpande & the legendary Ga Di Madgulkar. The show was produced for Colors Marathi.


“Ek Naee Subah”

Currently producing 11 documentaries for the Ministry of Jalshakti showcasing different successfully completed projects by the Ministry of Water Resources across India.


Brand Film

Post Produced Brand Film for “ National Institute for Material Sciences, Japan”.


Digital Data Governance

A series of awareness videos for IDFC on Data Policy examining the crucial role that data plays in economic and governance processes.