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TV, Documentaries and Feature Films

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Is Work A Passion?


Behind the glamour of TV, events, documentaries, and feature films lies a world of dedication and hard work.

It's the magic created by those who:

  • Identify and nurture talent
  • Discover perfect locations
  • Build the ideal team
  • Select the best equipment
  • Secure necessary permits
  • Manage logistics meticulously
  • Perfect edits and post-production

Consider the experts who meticulously manage budgets to prevent them from spiraling and protect the project from unexpected challenges.


The Zest For Line Production


With Deux you are assured of Line Producers who have:

  1. Handled 100+ shoots and who've mastered its dynamics
  2. Shot several notable television promos and packaging for international studios
  3. Extensive event experience and in making events television friendly
  4. Won citations and accolades for Indian production of feature films
  5. Delivered in challenging circumstances and conditions

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Why Choose Deux Productions


Get the richness of 40+years and 800+ hrs of content experience to back your project.

Save costs by side-stepping folks who don’t add value.

Avoid costly mistakes on your brand with a team that brims with project experience.

Tap into a wealth of expertise in a variety of film, television and Feature Films formats.

Get award-winning storytellers, groomed in the grammar of brands, on your side.

Why would you want to lose out on all this?

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